Five Reasons to Visit Epcot Theme Park

The Epcot theme park has been one of the unique theme parks in the Disneyland resorts in Florida. It is a highly educational theme park that combines the wonders of technology and a wonderful destination for people who love Geography and culture. For first timers out there, here are some of the reasons why you should come visit Epcot: arung jeram dufan

It is for the technology addicts – You can see first-hand the latest inventions that are happening in this world on the future world area. The exhibits are fantastic even the parents can have the time to learn something new about the world today. The Spaceship Earth pavilion is a wonderful educational tour that takes a look on how energy management, transportation and medicine can change the future with their potential new changes. Even in one of the attractions where you can feel that you have been shrunk, the wonders of technology have been experienced by any tourist coming to this theme park.

Eleven countries in a day – This gives you a sample of some of the Asian, European, North American and African countries. You can soak up in the culture and the rich history of these countries that are presented in the World Showcase pavilion. At least it saves you airline ticket prices on covering these eleven nations.

Foodie Addicts galore – Besides soaking up in the culture and history of these nations, you can even taste some of their mouth watering dishes. Where can you find eleven distinct cuisines gathered in one place, then it is only here in Epcot Theme Park.

Entertainment Galore – From acrobats, mariachi players, taiko drum players to even performers who look like the Beatles performing 60’s songs, the Epcot theme park bridges the world with its different types of entertainment that can seen around world showcase and even the whole theme park. It proves that the world has a lot to offer and we can witness this through their performances.

Disney Characters Everywhere – It’s not only concentrated in the Magic Kingdom, you can have the opportunity as well to meet your favorite Disney Characters in this theme park. You can have the opportunity to take pictures with them and even get their autographs as part of your priceless memories.